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Speed up your medical administration with standardized forms and create structured data that generates instant insights.

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Over 150 clinicians and data scientists use Tiro.health to improve care and save time.

Medical forms

Structured data capture made easy for clinicians

Curated templates. Tailored to your specialty.

Tiro.health empowers healthcare providers by offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies and accelerates data entry. Hundreds of pre-configured templates allow clinicians to effortlessly capture patient information, diagnoses, procedures, and other vital data elements.

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curated templates
Maximize your time

Maximize your time. Optimize your care.

Through the optimization of your data capturing processes, we free up your valuable time previously consumed by repetitive administration. This shift allows for a heightened focus on the most critical element - patient interaction.

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Generate structured data. Effortlessly.

Our application automatically generates structured data in compliance with recognized terminologies such as SNOMED CT and LOINC. This ensures that clinical information is standardized, allowing for precise analysis, decision-making, and data-driven insights.

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Structure medical data with SNOMED CT and LOINC

Analyze Real World Data

Standardized data ready for analysis

Value-based healthcare with interactive outcome benchmars

Insights on outcomes and care paths. In real-time.

Tiro.health provides data scientists with rich, standardized datasets collected directly from healthcare providers. By leveraging structured data generated through our application, data scientists can conduct robust analysis, build predictive models, and derive valuable insights to drive innovation in healthcare.

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Interoperability with FHIR.

Our platform adheres to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards, enabling seamless data exchange and integration with existing healthcare systems. Data scientists can effortlessly access and utilize data from various sources, fostering cross-domain collaborations and facilitating comprehensive research.

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Share data with stakeholders via FHIR
Create new insights with OMOP CDM

Consistency through OMOP CDM.

In parallel, we utilize the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Common Data Model (OMOP CDM). OMOP CDM lends a standardized structure to healthcare data, ensuring reliable data analysis and comparison across diverse healthcare systems. Our dual-standard approach ensures efficient healthcare data management while minimizing potential information loss.

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Real-World Evidence

Support your research institutions

Structured data generated by clinicians.

Real-World Evidence. Generated by clinicians.

Our platform ensures the collection of structured data using standardized terminologies like SNOMED CT, enabling RWE managers to leverage comprehensive and reliable datasets for evidence generation. It’s like a case report form, but for daily clinical use.

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Share insights. Unlock collaborations.

Providers can securely share de-identified datasets with external research partners or academic institutions, promoting cross-industry collaboration and enabling broader evidence generation initiatives. Our platform provides fine-grained access controls and data governance features to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and data protection requirements.

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Privacy friendly data-sharing


Medical content available for developers

Integrate with your EHR

Integrate with your EHR. Seamlessly.

Tiro.health offers developers a simple integration pathway with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Our platform provides robust connectors and APIs that facilitate bi-directional data exchange, allowing developers to effortlessly integrate our structured data capturing capabilities into existing EHR systems. This connectivity ensures a smooth workflow for healthcare providers and enhances the overall usability and effectiveness of the application.

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Our API integration. Yours to leverage.

Developers can leverage our comprehensive API to extend the functionality of Tiro.health or integrate it into their own healthcare applications. Our well-documented APIs enable developers to capture structured data efficiently, enabling interoperability with other healthcare systems and ensuring a seamless user experience.

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Curious how Tiro.health can provide the right solution for your situation?

“A huge time-saver”

Thanks to Tiro.health's dashboards, doctors from 14 different hospitals can track their quality indicators for inguinal hernia surgery online

Prof. Dr. Miserez
abdominal surgeon at UZ Leuven
Nicky vandervekens testimonial image

“A huge time-saver”

Tiro.health proved to be a reliable partner for our hospital's data strategy

Nicky Vandervekens
Data scientist at AZ Maria Middelares
Dr. Fourneau testimonial image

“A huge time-saver”

Thanks to Atticus from Tiro.Health, all Belgian vascular surgeons can participate in our registry, regardless of their EHR. Without additional administrative burden.

Prof. Dr. Fourneau
Vascular surgeon at UZ Leuven

“A huge time-saver”

Tiro.health has been a reliable partner since the beginning, supporting our clinical working groups with real-time insights into care quality

Prof. Dr. De Ridder
Director of quality at UZ Leuven
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