Tiro 🤝 your systems

Partnering with top tech providers, we simplify the integration process, streamlining your healthcare service delivery for excellence and consistency.

End-to-end integrations

Integrate into your EMR/EHR

We integrate deeply with the top EHRs (including KWS), and offer lighter weight HL7 FHIR options as well. Supercharge doctors workflow by connecting directly to our API! Our technology is GDPR-compliant and follows industry best practices to protect patient information.
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Dashboard mockup
Save your clinician’s time

Prefill templates via HL7 FHIR

Transferring data from multiple sources into an electronic forms used to be a slow and challenging process.
Tiro’s RESTful API enables you to capture data directly from multiple data sources (eSource) in a secure platform designed for handling and storing sensitive study data.

Our API has been used to connect to different platforms, including:
Lab systems
Medical devices
medical content as a service

All the (custom) medical content your app needs

Missing adequate content for your application? Our team takes great care in creating and implementing exactly the medically-focused content you need, in order to create your solution in the best way you see fit.
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End-to-end support and services

Are you in need for a helping hand?

We foster a vibrant developer community, offering comprehensive documentation, code samples, and developer resources. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist developers in their integration efforts, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation process. We are happy to assist you with.
Integration support
Medical coding
Template design
We keep your data safe

Security is our top priority

Tiro.health is designed to be GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified to keep your confidential information secure. Combined with our well-beloved customer success team and rich set of integrations, we ensure full flexibility and guidance to be embedded in your existing business processes.
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