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We invite fellow clinical data scientists to join our meet-ups where we delve into the latest innovations and share valuable insights in the world of healthcare data analysis. Experience real-life case studies and engaging demos that push the boundaries of what's possible. Plus, take advantage of the networking opportunities to connect with fellow data scientists and learn from their expertise. Join us today and elevate your data science journey while building meaningful connections with your peers.

Structured data improves clinical decisions

Our form designer tool connects structured fields with standardized medical content, saving data analysts hours of work by eliminating the need for manual data transformation into a standardized data model. Streamline your workflow and ensure accurate and efficient data capture with our game-changing tool.
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End-to-end support and services

Are you in need for a helping hand?

We foster a vibrant data science community, offering comprehensive documentation, code samples, and resources. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist developers in their integration efforts, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation process. We are happy to assist you with
Mapping & coding of existing forms
Template design
Data analysis & quality indicator dashboards

“A huge time-saver”

Thanks to Tiro.health's dashboards, doctors from 14 different hospitals can track their quality indicators for inguinal hernia surgery online

Prof. Dr. Miserez
abdominal surgeon at UZ Leuven
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“A huge time-saver”

Tiro.health proved to be a reliable partner for our hospital's data strategy

Nicky Vandervekens
Data scientist at AZ Maria Middelares
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“A huge time-saver”

Thanks to Atticus from Tiro.Health, all Belgian vascular surgeons can participate in our registry, regardless of their EHR. Without additional administrative burden.

Prof. Dr. Fourneau
Vascular surgeon at UZ Leuven

“A huge time-saver”

Tiro.health has been a reliable partner since the beginning, supporting our clinical working groups with real-time insights into care quality

Prof. Dr. De Ridder
Director of quality at UZ Leuven
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