Intuitive templates for each step of the care path

Pre-designed templates. Standardization made easy.

Leave behind the tedious plain-text reporting with Atticus’s expertly curated, ready-to-use templates. These cover a diverse range of clinical scenarios, facilitating speedy, precise, and regulation-compliant reporting. Specific registration goals for studies, quality benchmarks or regulatory needs can easily be set.

Tailored templates. Your workflow, your style.

Embrace the freedom to customize. Adapt our templates according to your unique style and workflow. With Atticus seamlessly integrating into your practice, you're empowered to boost productivity and efficiency using our intuitive Form designer.

Create from scratch. Designed for your expertise.

Craft templates from scratch to perfectly reflect your specific clinical practice. With Atticus’ user-friendly interface and powerful features at your disposal, elevate the quality of your documentation, underpinning your professional expertise


Advanced terminologies and intelligent data data management

Stay ahead with most recent terminologies

Tiro.health takes the burden off your shoulders by seamlessly integrating the most up-to-date terminologies, including SNOMED-CT and LOINC. Our powerful terminology server ensures you are always working with the most current and accurate codes, enabling precise and standardized data capturing.

Continuous learning for enhanced efficiency

Our application is an intelligent companion that learns from your usage patterns. The more you use it, the smarter it becomes. Our algorithm adapts to your preferences, suggesting relevant concepts and even allowing you to add new synonyms and create personalized codes. Experience a truly tailored experience that evolves with you.

Registration at the source. Once.

We keep your data goals in mind. On the backend, our platform transforms your captured data into a standardized data model compliant with FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). This enables seamless interoperability with various healthcare systems and allows for easy conversion to OMOP-CDM, bringing a smile to your data analysts' faces.


Unleash the power of data visualization to enhance medical outcomes

Unlock a new level of quality care

Our platform empowers you to visualize and compare your medical outcomes, paving the way for improvement. By harnessing the power of standardized data, we enable real-world analysis and generate invaluable insights that drive healthcare advancements.

Embrace the potential of Value-Based Healthcare

Tiro.health acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement, propelling you towards enhanced quality of care. Identify best practices, uncover patterns, and make data-driven decisions to optimize patient outcomes. By visualizing your progress and benchmarking against peers, you can actively contribute to advancements in healthcare delivery.

Registration at the source. Once.

Atticus is the cockpit where your clinical data comes together. No more need to ask for queries from other systems. If it’s in the report - it’s in the export.

Tiro.health integrates into your medical workflow

Connectivity is our second nature

We connect with your EHR system

Pre-populate your forms with patient information already available.Send the data back directly to your EHR-system.

Customize your templates

Learn how you can configure templates yourselve and integrate other data-sources.